петак, 04. октобар 2013.

Doctor Sleep by Stephen King

Scribner Why we’re reading it: First, it’s Stephen King! A followup to his much-beloved classic The Shining, Doctor Sleep tells the story of Danny Torrance, the now grown protagonist of the first book. Devotees of King have probably dreamed of this follow-up more fervently than they’ve waited for a new installment of The Dark Tower Series, and the aforementioned Margaret Atwood called it a “very good specimen of the quintessential King blend” in her New York Times review. Our favorite King: It’s not easy to just pick one, so let’s go with two: King’s recent 11/22/63 is a gripping, time travelling novel which revolves around the assassination of John F. Kennedy. But if you are really looking for something to keep you awake all night, King’s Dark Tower Series, which begins with 1982’s The Gunslinger, is considered rightly to be his best and most epic work.

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